Voices from the Disability Community

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The series where everyone

is asked the

same questions and everyone has

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Voices from the Disability Community is the fun series in which everyone is given the same set of questions. You get to know everyone through their (very different) responses! Cross-disability and community-building, all welcome. | disability | community | community building | disability awareness | disability pride | allies | social justice | education | opinion | blog posts | blind | deaf | cerebral palsy | facial difference | MS | MD | disability community building
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Two Thirds of the Planet is a site by and for the disability community. It covers career and website development (with the aim of helping people with disabilities find and keep the career they want), lifestyle, parenting, opinion and spotlights members of the disability community. It has an Ally Corner for allies of the disability community to share their voices. It is the home of the 365 Days with Disability Project on Instagram and the Lit League Book Club on Facebook.