Disability Day of Mourning: A Day to Remember Those Who Were Murdered

Disability Day of Mourning

Trigger Warning: Filicide, Murder. Disability Day of Mourning is a heartbreaking subject that is difficult to read about.

People with disabilities are murdered by their families every day, every week, every month, every year. They are killed for being burdens, for being “difficult,” for being different, for being less-than. For being inconvenient.

They are killed for simply being.

Disability Day of Mourning

Disability Day of Mourning is March 1st, but it’s also every day.

It’s a time to remember those who were murdered, it’s a time to say their names and remember them with love. It’s a time to refresh our connections with others in our disabled community and to vow that we will do all that we can to protect each other and ourselves from this horror.

There is a memorial site that holds vigil for those killed.

Please visit the website (linked here) and hold space those who were murdered.

Please also visit the Autistic Self Advocacy Network for their anti-filicide toolkit, linked here.

Image from http://disability-memorial.org

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