We thought it was time for our community of people with disabilities to start telling our own stories. And share our own photos and videos! Without the inspiration-porn, but with all the support, friendship, advice, camaraderie and sharing that we can squeeze into a website.

Two Thirds of the Planet

They say that two thirds of the planet has a connection with disability in some way. Either they are a person with a disability, or they have a family member with a disability, a friend, a lover, or a boss. Whatever it is, there are a lot of us in the world with a connection with disability. This site is for us all.


This site is exclusively run by people with disabilities. Meriah Nichols is the Founder and Lead Editor.¬†Alice Wong of the Disability Visibility Project has teamed up with us for the 365 Days with Disability project on Instagram. Stories and contributions by allies of our disability community are welcome, but the focus of this site is squarely on people with disabilities. This is by us, this is for us. It’s about us and it’s by us.


We don’t have a forum (yet), but we will be featuring reader advice questions each week. Ask a question!

We also have our weekly blog hops, which you can join and share on your own blog.

We also hope to have the majority of posts here be voices from the community, bringing in the true diversity of our experiences as people with disabilities.

So! Please submit your guest posts!