365 Days with Disability

Ever wonder where people come up with these absurd ideas of what it’s like to live with a disability? I mean, sure it’s from their imagination, but sometimes it’s just gasp-worthy.

Or, do you ever think about how some people think that people who use a wheelchair are inspirational because they do things like buy groceries? I had someone once take me aside and say how shocked he was that I could actually have a job. I guess he’d never seen a deaf person work before?

Those of us that live on the disability spectrum – with learning disabilities, physical disabilities, who are deaf, blind (or both!), those of us with intellectual, mental or developmental disabilities – or any combination of disabilities not mentioned or unheard of, unexplored or not-yet-known – we have utterly uninteresting and yet completely interesting lives. You know what I’m saying? We live the mundane and we live the thrilling. My own life is full of mothering and daily (literal) crap; but within that, I have the most extra-ordinary life. And I know we all do.

So this is the challenge: capture one segment of a day in our life; every day, for one year. Let’s share our lives with one another, the perfect and the imperfect. The trash and the treasure. The light and the dark. The full scoop.

Simply upload your photo to your own Instagram account and tag it #365dayswithdisability. You can also post it on our Facebook Page, or tag it on Twitter. Share all over the place and through sharing, let’s create our community as well as a sense of what our lives are really about.